Monday, May 28, 2012


I knew when I began this blog that I would not always be consistent with posts and this update certainly attests to this truth.

Since my last post, my Superman accepted a lower position at Family Christian under the premise that he could get in there and prove himself to eventually get promoted. It's been 2 1/2 months and our most recent understanding is that this is not necessarily going to occur.

I also posted about being interviewed for 2 positions at Walmart, and I was offered a flattering position, did it for 2 weeks, and it became very evident that position was not a good fit for my family. I ended up leaving Walmart altogether to make Superman more available at his new job.

Part of the decision for me to leave Walmart was also because that first week we learned that I am expecting our 5th little one! We are so very thankful! I am currently 15 weeks along, due around Thanksgiving. I have already had my first appointment with my midwife and everything seems to be going well. We are trusting God in His providence.

We are at another bend in the road deciding what to do about our living situation. Our current rental has been wonderful, but the house layout is not the most conducive for both our family and our passion for hospitality and ministry centered FROM our home. The house across the street from the church has become available and we are praying about that move. A decision must be made by Friday to give our current landlord his official notice before our move out date. The "big" house is incredibly ideal on so many levels, but is a bit more in monthly rent and we're deciding if we can handle the increase in expenses. We would covet your prayers.
Sometimes at these moments, I find it difficult to separate out my head and my heart and hearing God's guidance through it all. We love the big house, it's a perfect fit for us, and we've had our eye on it since before we even moved up here to start the church. We have made a plethora of financial mistakes in our marriage and desire to truly step cautiously and bring God glory through our finances, spending, and priorities. We truly believe we can serve God in either home, the bigger home is much more logical on many levels and would be incredible to our family, it would be an amazing tool for ministry and hospitality; we are just weighing if that is the best stewardship of His finances entrusted to us. Will post what we decide!

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