Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A confession and a song

I have a confession to make...

While by majority my passion is Christian Contemporary Music, I have a special place in my heart for John Denver's music. The simple clarity that he wrote with just speaks to my heart - it's a love I share with my mom actually. It's just.... peaceful.

The Colorado fires are especially close to me for a couple reasons, the first being is that I have a sister, BIL, and nieces and nephews that live in The Springs and they are being directly effected by these fires. I also fell in LOVE with Colorado when I traveled through there 14 years ago on a mission trip. Additionally, John Denver's songs are both inspired by and much written about those rocky mountains and that also helped form a special place in my heart.

I wondered today as I looked at some of the pictures of the fire and devestation, what kind of song would come from John Denver's heart if he were around to see those same pictures. I wrote a song today, intended to be from his perspective so I guess you could say in memory of him, as I pondered those things.

The Beautiful Colorado

The Colorado that I know was beautiful and clear
Eagles flying, mountains rising and the hills themselves are dear
The air so crisp and clean up there is exhilarating
The Colorado that I know is my home and my retreat

The Colorado that I know stands now charred and burned
A drought with heat and then a spark has changed the scenery
The rich green trees stand sad and bare - the foliage is gone
The air is thick – I cannot breathe and my heart has lost a home

The beautiful Colorado is changed forevermore
My rocky mountain high stands sad and the birds robbed of their song
The beautiful Colorado is lost and so am I
My country my retreat is gone and my heart has lost its home

Now don’t lose heart my Colorado as I know that you’ll rebuild
It’s scary now and oh so sad and with you my heart still aches
The trees will grow again and see - the flowers will rebloom
The birds will sing their song one day and my heart will have a home
My heart will have a home…

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  1. I love the words to the song and this is a great blog. I will link it to my list of blogs that rock.


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